Cigar Review: Balmoral Royal Selection Anejo 18 Rothschild Masivo

Balmoral Royal Selection Anejo-18Over the last few months, we have been smoking and analyzing a very unique cigar that hails from the Dominican Republic but is made specifically for the European market – the Balmoral Royal Selection Anejo 18 Rothschild Masivo. (aka BRS Anejo 18 RM)

Made by the Royal Agio Cigar Company, this cigar’s big highlight is its use of an 18-year aged wrapper consisting of a special, select grade Brazilian Arapiraca tobacco from 1994.  But before we get in to the review itself, let’s explore the company behind the cigar. Continue reading

Cigar Review: Room 101 Big Delicious (Smoke Inn Exclusive)

Room101 Big DeliciousBack in January, we covered the press release for the newest Smoke Inn Exclusive called Big Delicious.  Created by Matt Booth and the folks at Room 101, this cigar has been capturing the attention of cigar enthusiasts all over the country.  On February 16th, we also brought you the first fully dressed sneak-peek preview of what to expect when the cigar is finally released.  Now, we’re four (4) weeks away from the national launch party on Friday, April 26th and with that – it is time for our official review. Continue reading

Cigar Review: Padron 1964 No.4 Maduro

Padron 1964 No.4 MaduroAsk any connoisseur to name the size and shape of a cigar bearing the name “No. 4″ and 9 times out of 10 you’re likely to get small vitola references to such Cuban icons as the Montecristo No. 4 Petit Corona, Partagas Serie-D No. 4 Robusto or the Romeo y Julieta No. 4 Robusto.  Non-Cuban cigar manufacturers have also incorporated the name “No. 4″ in to their lines as well – with such small vilotas as the My Father No. 4 Lancero and the Fuente Opus X Perfecxion No. 4 Petit Corona. Continue reading

Cigar Review: CAO Brazilia Carnivale

CAO CarnivaleAnyone who’s been smoking cigars for a period of time is familiar with the CAO Brazilia line.  Before General Cigar took over manufacturing and distribution for CAO, the Brazilia line had already risen to top-quality status with such vitolas as the Gol, Amazon, Piranha, Samba, Anaconda, Corcovado, and Cariocas.  Then they released a series of box-pressed robustos.  Now, fast-forward to earlier this week where we shared the official press release for an all-new updated Brazilia vitola for 2013.  Under the tutelage of Rick Rodriquez of General Cigar, the company now proudly presents the all-new 6-1/2 x 60 box-pressed Carnivale.  Continue reading

Cigar Review: Herrera Esteli by Drew Estate

Herrera EsteliWhen cigar enthusiasts here the name Drew Estate, two things usually come to mind:  1) infused cigars; and 2) full-bodied limited releases.  The former includes such common lines as ACID, Natural and Tabak - the latter is Liga Privada. Continue reading

Cigar Review: La Aurora Preferidos Diamond 1903 Edition

LaAurora Black DiamondIn the summer of 2012 La Aurora Cigars released the all-new La Aurora 1903 Edition Preferidos (Black) Diamond – a regular core line perfecto that comes in a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper.  The Diamond is an extension to La Aurora’s Preferidos line which already consists of the following offerings:  Platinum (Cameroon); Emerald (Ecuadorian); Sapphire (Connecticut); Gold (Corojo) and Ruby (Brazilian Maduro).  Continue reading

Cigar Review: Viaje Skull and Bones Edicion Limitada (Big Ivan)

Viaje Skull and Bones Big IvanBack in the Spring of 2010, Andre Farkas – owner & founder of Viaje Cigars – release a new short robusto packed with such flavor and punch that it started a nation-wide craze.  Under the name Skull and Bones, the Daisy Cutter was not a cigar for the faint of heart.  Instead, it was one little powerhouse of a cigar that came with a solid nicotine punch. Continue reading

Cigar Review: Nomad Navigator

Nomad Renegade VagabondOne of the newer cigar lines to hit the market in the last 12 months comes to us from Nomad Cigar Company. Those of you who follow the cigar industry via Twitter are probably well aware of Nomad founder Fred Rewey’s @GodFadr handle. Fred is truly a cigar activist, passionate about the industry and always engaging online with manufacturers, retailers and consumers alike.

Continue reading

Cigar Review: Tatuaje Little Monster Series – Lil’ Drac


Today we take a look at Lil’ Drac, one of five unique blends in Tatuaje’s Little Monsters series. For those who are not familiar, the Little Monsters Series is a 10-count box of cigars that was released back in the … Continue reading