2012 Cigars

The Best Cigars of 2012

Perhaps more than any previous year, 2012 saw a large number of new small batch (boutique) cigar companies hit the market.  This coupled with new offerings and line extensions from more established organizations means that we, the end consumer, had much to choose from.  We invite you to take a closer look at Leaf and Grape’s Top-10 lists below.  Unlike other “Best Of” lists, we have chosen to group our lists based on strength/body.  For us, it doesn’t make sense to have light (mild) cigars like Macanudo or Romeo y Julieta sitting beside full-bodied cigars like Tatuaje, Liga Privada or MyFather.  For this reason, our lists are broken down in to meaningful categories of Light, Medium and Full.  We hope you enjoy our lists as they are unveiled in the closing days of 2012.  If you so chose, please leave your comments and feedback – we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Combined Lists:

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