2012 Top Cigars – Best Core Lines

Now that our Top 10 lists for the best Light, Medium and Full strength cigars has been compiled and published. We thought it would be fun to slice-and-dice our information a couple of different ways. As many of you know, limited edition cigars are quite often very hard to come by. That being said, I think most would agree the back-bone bread and butter offerings in the cigar industry are the “core lines.” That being said, we went back and crunched the numbers against all 3 of our lists (light, medium and full) to come up with a “Best of the Core Lines” ranking. Those findings are included in the Top-10 list below – enjoy! Continue reading

Press Release: Hialeah Park Launched Race Meet with Media | VIP Reception Sponsored by Oliva Cigar Company


HIALEAH PARK LAUNCHED RACE MEET WITH MEDIA | VIP RECEPTION SPONSORED BY OLIVA CIGAR COMPANY BRINGING SOME OLD FASHIONED “GLAM” BACK TO THE RACES…  (Miami, Florida) December 18, 2012  -Historic Hialeah Park set the stage for racing to begin Saturday, … Continue reading