2012 Top Cigars – Best Core Lines

Now that our Top 10 lists for the best Light, Medium and Full strength cigars has been compiled and published. We thought it would be fun to slice-and-dice our information a couple of different ways. As many of you know, limited edition cigars are quite often very hard to come by. That being said, I think most would agree the back-bone bread and butter offerings in the cigar industry are the “core lines.” That being said, we went back and crunched the numbers against all 3 of our lists (light, medium and full) to come up with a “Best of the Core Lines” ranking. Those findings are included in the Top-10 list below – enjoy!

NOTE: Beside each cigar, you’ll see an alpha-numeric inside parenthesis. This notation allows you to know which parent list the cigar comes from: L1 = our #1 Light Cigar; M1 = our #1 Medium Cigar, and so forth…

Best of the Core Lines: (excludes limited edition)

  1. Ortega Serie-D Maduro – (M2)
  2. CyB, by Joya de Nicaragua – (M3)
  3. My Father Flor de las Antillas – (M4)
  4. 3 Reynas – (F5)¬† ¬†UPDATE: does not qualify as core line, click here for more info…
  5. Undercrown Corona Viva – (M5)
  6. Intemperance BA XXI, by RoMa Craft – (F6)
  7. Oliva Serie V Melanio – (F7)
  8. Headley Grange, by Crowned Heads – (M6)
  9. Emilio AF Suave – (L6)
  10. Nestor Miranda Special Selection Connecticut – (L7)
  11. EP Carrillo Cardinal Maduro – (F10)

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    • Thanks Erich, I appreciate the feedback. So what were your favorite sticks of 2012? (be sure to check out our final Top 10 list entitled “Best of the Best” – cheers!)

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