Cigar Review: Quesada Heisenberg

Heisenberg CigarBack in December we brought you news about an all-new concept cigar from the folks at Quesada Cigars known simply as the Heisenberg Project.  Other than the cigar’s name, sizes and shapes and the unique slogan of “Embrace Uncertainty” – not much else is really known about the line.

 What we do know about the Heisenberg project is that it was named after the scientific formula of the same name that proves the fundamental limits of precision.  In other words, no matter how much we know about something – we will never know everything; the more we focus on one aspect, the less we know about another.  The Heisenberg project has two intentions: 1) to dispel the stereotypes that limit our ability to enjoy a cigar; and 2) to remind aficionados that sometimes its best to sit back, relax, and just enjoy a smoke without overanalyzing it.  That being said, let us now begin to “Embrace Uncertainty!”…


To get things started, here are the details of the Heisenberg project:


Brand:  Heisenberg
Company:  Quesada Cigars
Origin:  Unknown
Factory:  Unknown
4-3/4 x 40 Petite
4 x 43 Corona
5 x 48 Robusto
5-3/4 x 44 / 48 / 54 Corneta Cuadrada
Wrapper:  Unknown
Binder:  Unknown
Filler:  Unknown
Strength:  Medium
MSRP:  $4.50 to $6.95
Production:  Unknown


HeisenbergVISUAL:  The Heisenberg comes in a rich, thick reddish-brown wrapper with veins present.  The Corneta Cuacrada (chosen vitola for this review) is very well constructed – complete with a soft box-press cornet (bugle) shape that starts out at a 44 ring-guage and expands outward towards the foot ending at a 54 ring-guage.  Glancing at the foot reveals the cigar to be well-packed with some weight to it.  The cigar is firm to the touch along the shaft, slightly softer towards the foot.


HeisenbergFLAVOR:  Prelight: Smelling the cigar’s shaft reveals an earthy musk-like scent with hints of sweet tobacco – the foot reveals a distinct oak note.  The dry-draw is open and easy, revealing a floral note with just a touch of spice.  Light:  Right out of the shoot, this cigar presents pepper and spice front and center.  The spice is unique, similar to the musk-like scent picked up in the pre-light.  Also present are notes of earth, wood and a hint of sweet tobacco.  The earth and spice balance nicely with the wood and sweetness.  The spice (once up front and pronounced) has now settled in to the background nicely and is perfectly balanced alongside the other flavors.  As the smoke progresses, transitions are pretty one-demensional, yet very satisfying. There isn’t a lot of complexity here in terms of changes, but what you are left with is a solid-performing cigar.  Overall strength started out medium and transitioned to slightly more than medium.  Flavor and body, however, are full and rich.


HeisenbergEXPERIENCE:   Burn:  Was rock-solid and near perfect.  The black burnline was very slight, almost a razor-sharp edge.  As evident by the photos, this cigar burned even from start to finish.  As you can tell, the ash was a marbled mix of light and dark grey.  As for the ash’s firmness, just look at the photos – it did not want to come free from the cigar, so I allowed it to do its own thing.  Draw:  As mentioned during the prelight, this cigar’s draw was open and easy – with just a slight resistance – you really couldn’t ask for anything more.


HeisenbergFINAL THOUGHTS:  Outside of those working for Quesada, none of us really know what’s inside this little mystery cigar.  And while I did purchase a handful of various Heisenberg shapes, I resisted the urge to get hung up on trying to solve the puzzle.  Instead I listened to what Terence Reilly said about the premise behind the Heisenberg Project:  “We don’t want people to get hung up on what the cigar is, what it consists of or where it comes from.  Instead, we want people to sit back and enjoy it with family and friends, appreciating it for the flavors it has to offer.”  All that being said, I for one was impressed.  For me Heisenberg is a hit – and is definitely box-purchase worthy.  Final Score:  90

2 thoughts on “Cigar Review: Quesada Heisenberg

  1. Embrace uncertainty….

    Brilliant cigar, and fun concept.

    No information to prejudice your experience. Your review, your enjoyment will be pure in a way not possible if you knew more details…

    I like mystery.

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