Cigar Deli – Custom Cigars Made To Order

Gran-Habano-Website-CigarsGeorge Rico of Gran Habano Cigars announces “Cigar Deli” – a new cigar blending session made available to end consumers.

On today’s January 12th edition of Kiss My Ash Radio (via podcast) – George Rico discussed the following specifics of the new Cigar Deli concept:

  • Customers get to blend their own unique cigar.
  • Customers will taste various tobaccos by smoking cigarillos made of a tobacco type.
  • Customers will select their favorite tobaccos, suggesting the tobacco types and levels to be used in their own cigar blend.
  • Cigars will be created according to each customer’s uniquely requested blend.
  • Cigar Deli requires a 25 cigar minimum order.
  • Cigar Deli will start out with 3 initial locations.  Smoke Inn and Cigars Limited were mentioned as part of the initial retail launch.

Editorial Update:
The Cigar Deli concept has been floating around for a couple of years now.  (you can read an earlier announcement from Toasted Foot back in 2010)  But it is also a concept we believe to be new for most cigar enthusiasts.  This is the main reason for telling you about it again today.  Its an idea cigar enthusiasts can get excited about and something we hope really takes off for George Rico and Gran Habano Cigars.

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