2012 Top 10 Cigars – Best of the Best

Now that our Top 10 lists for the best Light, Medium and Full strength cigars has been compiled and published – we continued crunching the numbers to come up with an “Over-All” Top 10 list of the Best Cigars for 2012.

NOTE: Beside each cigar, you’ll see an alpha-numeric inside parenthesis. This notation allows you to know which parent list the cigar comes from: L1 = our #1 Light Cigar; M1 = our #1 Medium Cigar, and so forth…

Best of the Best (includes limited editions)

  1. Liga Privada Unico Serie UF-4 – (F1)
  2. La Palina Collection: Goldie Laguito No.2 – (L1)
  3. Tatuaje Mummy – (F2)
  4. Viaje Friends and Family – (M1)
  5. Ortega Serie-D Maduro – (M2)
  6. CyB, by Joya de Nicaragua – (M3)
  7. Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial Limited Edition 2012 – (L2)
  8. La Aurora Preferidos Diamond – (F3)
  9. Liga Privada Unico Serie Feral Flying Pig – (F4)
  10. My Father Flor de las Antillas – (M4)

6 thoughts on “2012 Top 10 Cigars – Best of the Best

  1. Stace.

    I am really loving the new website my brother. You have been so active in the industry and have really accomplished so much, that I just want to say thank you. Not just for the swell ratings and the camaraderie that you bring to all of us, but for the great attitude you have toward life. You are a pleasure to be around and its always a great time hanging with you.

    Again, I love the LEAF & GRAPE concept and look forward to all cool things you are going to do this year with it. Cant wait to see you at Outland on January 25th.


  2. JD, thank you for the kind words – it really means a lot coming from you. You are a true friend and I appreciate you taking the time to come check out the site.

    I look forward to seeing you here in Charlotte on Janurary 25th – it’s going to be a blast.

    Until then, be well my friend.


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