Legislation: US Bill H.R 792 Gains New Co-Sponsors

US House Bill HR-792Yesterday, new US House Bill H.R. 792 (113th Congress) also known as the “Traditional Cigar Manufacturing and Small Business Jobs Preservation Act of 2013″ gained 4 new co-sponsors, bringing the total up to 21.

Just 10 days after being re-introduced under the new house bill number, cigar rights advocates have been hard at work regaining sponsors from each of the various states representatives.  February 26th saw four more names added to the list:

  1. Mike Coffin (R-CO, District 6)
  2. Joseph Heck (R-NV, District 3)
  3. Walter Jones (R-NC, District 3)
  4. Robert Pittenger (R-NC, District 9)

But clearly more help is needed if we are to return to the success levels we had under previous US House Bill 1639.  We are asking every cigar enthusiast to let their local government officials know we don’t want “big brother” infringing on our freedoms to enjoy a premium cigar.  To let your voice be heard, click here to contact your local representative and help protect premium cigars from FDA regulation.

For information on the renaming of HR-792 (previously known as HR-1639) – click here.

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