Take 5: Cigar Cutting – Punch, Cut or V?

Welcome to another segment of Take 5. In this video, we break down three of the more common types of cuts made on traditional cigars. In addition to reviewing the basic concepts of cigar cutting, we also offer a unique look at mixing things up a bit to make it interesting and enjoyable for both novice and expert alike…enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Take 5: Cigar Cutting – Punch, Cut or V?

  1. Nice job Stace. Lots of good tips. Although, if the sound would have been off, this could have been a discussion of traditional versus modern circumcision. Just sayin… JK, thanks for taking the time to get down to the details.

    • Thanks Doc, appreciate the comments. I just wanted to bring a visual to all the written content on cigar cutting. As for your circumcision comment – well, lets just say “I’m not touching that one.” (ha!) :-)

  2. Any social media guy that uses a whiteboard to explain how to cut a cigar is a badass in my book!

    Seriously though, great job explaining the art of cutting a cigar properly. We all have seen some guys and girls mess up some cuttings.

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